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Fat Bottomed Boys

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Fat Bottomed Boys, that name sounds familiar, right? It’s probably because it’s based on a famous song by Queen and its late singer Freddie Mercury !

The Sgt. and Elash, the two founders of this French duet based in Lille (North of France), wanted to pay a claimed tribute to their idols writing original materials heavily inspired and arranged à la Queen. The album, called « Let's Do It! », released on September 5th when Freddie Mercury would have celebrated his 74th birthday, combines 10 songs trying to sum up the great variety of styles Queen has explored during its more than 20 years long career : from sheer rock anthems to sexual funk, lovely ballads and funny vaudevilles.

Fat Bottomed Boys - Let's Do It album cover

The Sgt. and Elash already had a tribute band together called Rock You!. During more than 5 years they made gigs in all the venues of northern France and beyond, delivering the well know songs by Queen to a demanding audience. But it is during the 2020 lockdown that Elash has an idea : « What about writing our own songs, but in the style of Queen? ». The Sgt. replied by a « Sure, let’s do it! ». And they did it!

Fat Bottomed Boys - Just a Moment single cover

Their first single Just a Moment and its official video are available on streaming platforms on the July 17, 2020... Fans are immediately seduced by its feel good vibe. It is a fresh rock song giving an a overview of the energy the band is capable of deploying on stage.

Fat Bottomed Boys - Wait for Me single coverThe second single Wait for Me is a powerful ballad reminiscent of some complex Mercury’s songs. It’s released on August 9th 2020 along with its self-produced video. We could count more than 40000 views to this day between YouTube and Facebook!

Fat Bottomed Boys are eager to play their new songs on stage "in real life" and to meet their new audience, as soon as possible.


  1. Let's Do It Fat Bottomed Boys 0:30
  2. Wait for Me Fat Bottomed Boys 0:30
  3. The Idiot Fat Bottomed Boys 0:30
  4. Just a Moment Fat Bottomed Boys 0:30
  5. (Shake Your Body) to the Groove Fat Bottomed Boys 0:30
  6. The Sgt.'s Back in Town Fat Bottomed Boys 0:30
  7. What About Humans Fat Bottomed Boys 0:30
  8. Thank You Fat Bottomed Boys 0:30
  9. Le Tour de France Fat Bottomed Boys 0:30
  10. Stop Making Plans Fat Bottomed Boys 0:30


Watch Just a Moment
Watch Wait for Me
Watch Stop Making Plans (Live on French TV)
Watch (Shake Your Body) to the Groove (Live session)
Watch What About Humans? (Acoustic version)
Watch No-one But You (Only the Goods Die Young) (Queen Cover)



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